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From Steam to Screen

Expanded Cinema Installation:

16mm loops with optical sound, twin Super 8mm loops,

35mm strips x4

Welcome to the Neighbourhood, Askeaton Contemporary

Arts Festival 2022

Expanded Cinema installation as part of Welcome to the Neighbourhood international artists residency in Askeaton, Ireland. From Steam to Screen is a sensory and experiential multiple screen installation, looking at the relationship between the train and cinema while reflecting on Askeaton's abandoned train line and the short lived traveling cinema that frequented Askeaton in the 1960s.

Quiet, Walnut

16mm-HD, b&w/colour, 08:20 min

Switzterland, 2018

With Aleksandra Gusic

Quiet, Walnut accompanies a dear friend through her emotional states during the dying process of her cancer ill mother in Belgrade.


The work was produced using digital film, stop motion footage, hands-on experimentations with 16mm film and a 16mm projector.




2014 - 2016
Studio 1 - Film School, Schlieren Cinematography, editing, production design and film history


2012 - 2014
Zurich University of the Arts
MA in Spatial Design
Interdisciplinary Sommerschool, Beijing, China


2004 - 2008
Lucerne School of Art and Design

BA in Visual Communication



Barcelona 2022
Expanded Cinema
With Luis Macias, CRATER- Lab, SPECTRAL, Barcelona


Zurich 2019
16mm filming and processing

With collective Distruktur, Labor Berlin


Zurich 2018
16mm rayogram and processing

With Branka Valjin & Hrvoje Spudiç, Lab Klubvizija SC, Zagreb


Zurich 2017
16mm cameraless and processing
With Elena Pardo & Manuel Trujillo Laboratorio Experimental de Cine, Mexico


Amsterdam 2014
Working methods for Screendance

With Maite and Bertha Bermúdez



Professional Experience

Askeaton 2022
Askeaton National School 
Analogue cameraless film workshops for primary students as part of "Welcome to the Neighbourhood" international art festival

Lausanne 2018 - 2021
LUFF Underground Film Festival

Film Programming


Zurich 2015 - 2018 & 2021
Videoex Experimental Film Festival

Film Programming, Text, Workshops


Zofingen 2016 - 2018

Video-Art Post Production and Archiving


Zurich 2010 - 2020


Communication & Design

16mm-HD, b&w, 02:11 min

Ireland, 2019

BBB is and experimental animation created by painting and scratching directly onto 16mm celluloid film. The flickering signs and textures dance to Nicole Paris beat- box YouTube battle with her mentor and father Edward Cage.


Super 8mm-2K, colour, 08:54 min

Ireland/Switzerland, 2019

Catching up with a friend in The Reithalle Berne, chasing the lights and thrills of past summer nights.

Rue de la Lune

Super 8mm-2K DCP, b&w/colour, 89 min

Ireland, 2022

Cast: Ambra Gatto Bergamasco, Sonia Ntova

Maximilian Le Cain, Angelica Santander

Darja Kazimira, Zura Makharadze

Music: Darja Kazimira, Zura Makharadze

Project research supported by the Arts Council Ireland

To be born in a family is to be possessed. The Healer, the Widow, the Lover, the Jester and the Artist represent in Rue de la Lune a female household out of space and time going through dreamlike healing processes in desperate attempts to liberate themselves from subconscious dynamics that span multiple generations.


The performance and music in Rue de la Lune was captured in improvisational performances by six artists, inte-grating their current or relevant art practice, localities and daily lives.


The film was shot on location in Torino, Kalambaka, Askeaton, Paris, Dublin & Tbilisi.


Super 8mm-2K DCP, b&w/colour, 33:07 min

Ireland, 2021

Cast: Marie-Gabrielle Roti & John Linnane

Music: Dagmar Gertot & Oli Ryan

Project supported by the Arts Council Ireland

Starting point for this film was the popular character of Juana la loca (Joan the mad), third child of the Catholic Kings, Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castile and her dead husband Philip the Handsome, Archduke of the House of Habsburg. Despite being the ruling Queen of Castile, Joan had little effect on national policy during her reign as she was declared insane and imprisoned for 46 years in the Royal Convent of Santa Clara in Tordesillas under the orders of her father.


The main interest was to explore with the performers Marie-Gabriell Rotie and John Linnane the mental states and physical conditions of Joan‘s episodes of life in grief and isolation, in relation to our personal visions of past and present socio-cultural, architectural and institutional concepts of control and oppression.


The film was shot mainly in the Muckross Abbey, the Cahergall Stone Fort, the Grotto Slate Quarry, the Torc Waterfall and on Valentia Island. The costume and props, as well as the architecture and the location environment, where a crucial part of the film. They strongly shaped the performers movements and served as metaphors of the character‘s inner worlds.


Super 8mm-2K Scan b&w/colour, 17:38 min

Ireland/Netherlands, 2021

With Jaap Pieters

Jaap Pieters (The Eye of Amsterdam) started filmmaking in the early 1980s. Since then, he has made hundreds of super 8mm films and taken thousands of photographs capturing what most attracts and fascinates him: the trivial. His annual appearance at the Videoex Experi- mental Film Festival in Zurich caught my attention. He was the long bearded gentleman from the first row, often wearing a red blazer and often asleep. In spring 2019 we started a conversation. Very soon he told me about two things: his autism and a young Lebanese woman called Mira, in which he was infinitely in love with. A meticu- lous and intimate report about his obsessive devotion and need for loving her lasted deep into the night and found its continuation in the following three days.


After the festival we stayed in touch. In his long emails and phone calls he would keep me updated about his unconditional dedication and deep sufferance and despair, adding numerous related songs and always writing Mira‘s name in red. He tells me he writes her continuously through sleepless nights but fails to send the letters, instead he carries them with him in a white plastic bag.

He agreed to co-produce a short film with me about his love to Mira and in two weekend visits in 2019 and 2020, I captured Jaap throughout Amsterdam conduc- ting various rituals he has for her.


Super 8mm-2K Scan, b&w, 10 min

Switzerland, 2018

With Josefina Navarro

Josefina Navarro is born 1951 in a small village called Gandesa in Spain. At a young age she moved to Barcelona and entered in the exciting and extravagant night life of variety theatres and transvestite shows in cabarets such as El Molino. It was there where she met her future husband, that would take her to live in Bern, Switzerland, where he was already working as construction worker. Being a victim of her husband’s psychological and physical abuses for over ten years, she finally collapsed and got interned into a psychiatric clinic whit a serious manic depression for seven years. After being released she entered back into her old euphoric life of her youth. The consumtion of strong medication and  the consequences of her trauma enabled her to work ever again. Until her recent retirement she survived from social security.


She always dreamed to go back to her home country again, so she started collecting and putting things into boxes she would bring over. In order to receive the financial support for living and afford the expensive medication she is still consuming, she has to stay in Switzerland and so the boxes around her bed are piling up higher and higher.


For this short film I decided to make a staged portrait in her apartment and also in the garden of the house where she used to live with her family, the park she used to go to and the streets at night she used to walk in despair.

and a porcelain cat

Super 8mm-HD Scan, b&w, 4:00 min

Ireland/Spain, 2020

I shot this film in one day without previous preparation. Simply walking through the ruined streets and houses of Belchite in Zaragoza and Corbera d’Ebre, which is at a distance of 3 km from my family home in Gandesa. My grandmother was a witness to the violence and the bru- tal consequences of Spanish Civil War. It was like revi- siting her stories and memories of the summer of 1937 and 1938, when German aviation and Franco‘s artillery devastated the towns. At the time, Franco preserved the ruined towns as demonstration of his power and his allied’s efficiency. Today the towns are a memory of that battles and of one of many wars that should never have happened. Belchite was also used as Film set for Terry Gilliam‘s The Adventures of Baron Munchausen in 1987 and Spiderman in 2019.

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