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Juana Robles (b. Tortosa, Spain 1983) is an experimental filmmaker based in Askeaton, Ireland. Her recent work is focused on analogue filmmaking. Her films center on a personal poetics and the material approach of the medium. Starting points for her films are often remote places and the experiences, inner worlds, spaces and belongings of outsiders. Her urge is to bring their past and present in an immersive space of intangible and fleeting intimate moments.


Part of her practice and main interest is to make experimental cinema more accessible to the public and to enhance the development of experimental film and video forms. Between 2015 and 2018 she worked at the Videoex International Experimental Film Festival and Videocompany, Switzerland. Currently she is working freelance for her fourth year at the Lausanne Underground Film Festival (LUFF), Switzerland as programmer.


Having grown up in Switzerland she holds a MA in Spatial Design from the University of the Arts, Zurich (2014), as well

as a BA in Visual Communication from the School of Art and Design, Lucerne (2008) and attended three semesters a specialist training class for camera, film editing and design at Studio 1 Film School in Schlieren (2016). In 2013 she was awarded interdisciplinary residency at the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts in Beijing. 

Juana Robles moved to Ireland in 2019, her most recent film release is "Anastatica" - a medium length film supported by the Arts Council Ireland.


and a porcelain cat

Walking through the ruined streets and hoses of Belchite and Corbera d’Ebre is going back in the summer of 37 and 38, when German aviation and Franco's artillery devastated the towns. Today the old towns are a silent witness to the violence and the brutal consequences of Spanish Civil War, they are preserved as a memory of that battles and one of many wars that should never have happened. 

Super8-Hd, 4'20,  b/w, 2020


Paris Festival for Different and Experimental Cinema
Winner ex aequo Competition 2020

Videoex Experimental film & Video Festival

Winner Swiss Competition 2020

MUFF Milwaukee Underground Film Festival
Honorable Mention Competition 2020 

Super Off International Super 8 Film Festival
Honorable Mention Competition 2020



International Film Festival FEMINA 

May 5, 2022

La Inesperada 2021 Festival de Cine

Barcelona, Spain
February 25, 2021

Festival ECRÃ
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
August 20-30, 2020


Videoex Experimental film & Video Festival
Zurich, Switzerland
September 12 & 19, 2020

Paris Festival for Different and Experimental Cinema

Paris, France

October 15-17, 2020

La Joya, Mexicao
November 17-22, 2020

Super Off International Super 8 Film Festival
São Paolo, Brazil
22-29 November 2020

Fisura Int. Festival of Experimental Film & Video
Mexico City, Mexico
November 21, 2020

MUFF Milwaukee Underground Film Festival
Wisconsin, USA
between September-December 2020


BIFF Braziers International Film Festival
Oxfordshire, UK
9-11 October 2020

Cámara Lúcida
Cuenca, Ecuador
November 1-14, 2020


Analogica Selection 10

Bolzano, Italy

December 3-6, 2020


Alternative Film/Video Festival 2020
Belgrade, Serbia
December 9-1, 2020

Broken Screen Festival
Buenos Aires, Argentina

to be announced


Experimental animation created by painting  directly onto 16mm film. The flickering signs and textures dance to 

Nicole Paris beat-box You Tube battle with her mentor and father Edward Cage. 

16mm-Hd, 2',  b/w colour, 2019


Les inattendus Film Festival

Lyon, France

February 14-22, 2020 

Pugnant Film Series (Winter Edition)

Athens, Greece

February 26-27, 2020

Mallow Chambers

There are eternal chambers of the unspoken where strange mallows grow.

Super8-Hd, 4'30'', b/w, 2019






Vastlab Experimental Film Festival
Los Angeles, California
September 20-21, 2019


Expanded Cinema Festival , Super8 mm edition 
Pelotas, Brazil 
April 12, 2019

Kinoskop International Festival of analog exp. cinema

Belgrade, Serbia

November 30, 2019

Kino Klub Split
Split, Croatia
February 7, 2020


Jaap Pieters (The Eye of Amsterdam) started filmmaking in the early 1980s. Since then, he has made hundreds of super 8mm films and taken thousands of photographs capturing what most attracts and fascinates him: the trivial.


Nightshades is a weekend trip from his bedroom and his office in the Cafe Gambrinus in Amsterdam to Katwijk aan Zee. We hear him reading out loud his love letters.

Super8-Hd, 17'38,  colour & b/w, 2021 




Videoex Experimental film & Video Festival

Winner Swiss Competition 2021


Fisura International Festival of Experimental Film & Video
Mexico City, Mexico

February 23, 2022

Videoex Experimental film & Video Festival Zurich, Switzerland

October 01 & 10, 2021




Catching up with a lost friend in The Reithalle Berne, chasing the lights and thrills of past summer nights.

Super8-Hd, 8'54'',  colour, 2020


Peripheries Experimental Film & Video Festival

Boston, USA

April 10-15, 2021

dobra Festival de Cinema Experimental
Saúde, Brazil 
September 8-27, 2020

La Joya, Mexico
November 17-22, 2020


Fisura Int. Festival of Experimental Film & Video
Mexico City, Mexico
November 21, 2020


The boxes for the return to her home country have been packed for years. They are stacked up around her bed waiting to go. Will she ever know again, if it’s day or night, if she’s awake or asleep, if she’s breaking out or just running into a trap?

Super8-Hd, 10',  b/w, 2018





Istanbul International Experimental Film Festival

Istanbul, Turkey

November 13-17, 2019

ULTRAcinema, Guelatao Oaxaca, Mexico
November 20-24 2019


Códec Festival Internacional de Cine Experimental y Vídeo, Mexico City, Mexico
November 27-30 2019

Analogica Selection 9 

Bolzano, Italy

December 4-8, 2019

Short Film Factory

Bucharest, Romania

December 22, 2019


International Experimental Film Festival Videoex

Zurich, Switzerland
May 25 / June 2, 2019


The objects around and inside an abandoned caravan in the remote countryside of Ireland live their careless lives after their owners time stood still.

Super8-Hd, 3' 45''  b/w, 2019 (unreleased)

Quiet, Walnut


...accompanies a dear friend through her emotional states during the dying process of her cancer ill mother in Belgrade.


16mm-HD, 8', color/b&w, 2018




South Texas Underground Film Festival
January 26, 2018


dobra Saúde, Brazil 
September 20, 2018


Fracto Berlin , Germany 
May 25, 2018


Process Riga, Latvia 
March 22, 2018

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