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Rue de la Lune

From Steam to Screen 


To be born in a family is to be possessed. The Healer, the Widow, the Lover, the Jester and the Artist represent in Rue de la Lune a female household out of space and time going through dreamlike healing processes in desperate attempts to liberate themselves from subconscious dynamics that span multiple generations.


The performance and music in Rue de la Lune was captured in improvisational performances by six artists, integrating their current or relevant art practice, localities and daily lives.


Shot on location in Torino, Kalambaka, Askeaton, Paris, Dublin & Tbilisi

Super8-2K DCP, 1:29:13,  colour & b/w, 2022 



​Expanded Cinema installation as part of Welcome to the Neighbourhood international artists residency in Askeaton, Ireland. From Steam to Screen is a sensory and experiential multiple screen installation, looking at the relationship between the train and cinema while reflecting on Askeaton's abandoned train line and the short lived traveling cinema that frequented Askeaton in the 1960s.

Askeaton,  2022


Inspired by Joan of Castile (1479-1555) and her episode of life spent in grief and isolation, Anastatica explores mental and physical conditions under institutional concepts of control and oppression through an expressive cinematic form shot on Super 8mm film. In an improvisational performance distinguished by a strong sense of space and design, the film creates surreal worlds between life and death, dream and poetry.

Super8-2K DCP, 33'07'', colour & b/w, 2021




and a porcelain cat

Walking through the ruined streets and hoses of Belchite and Corbera d’Ebre is going back in the summer of 37 and 38, when German aviation and Franco's artillery devastated the towns. Today the old towns are a silent witness to the violence and the brutal consequences of Spanish Civil War, they are preserved as a memory of that battles and one of many wars that should never have happened. 

Super8-Hd, 4'20,  b/w, 2020


​Nightshades is a weekend trip from Jaap Pieter's bedroom and his office in the Cafe Gambrinus in Amsterdam to Katwijk aan Zee. We hear him reading out loud his love letters.

Super8-Hd, 17'38,  colour & b/w, 2021 


Catching up with a friend in The Reithalle Berne, chasing the lights and thrills of past summer nights.

Super8-Hd, 8'54'',  colour, 2020


Mallow Chambers

Experimental animation created by painting  directly onto 16mm film. The flickering signs and textures dance to Nicole Paris beat-box You Tube battle with her mentor and father Edward Cage. 

16mm-Hd, 2',  b/w colour, 2019

There are eternal chambers of the unspoken where strange mallows grow.

Super8-Hd, 4'30'', b/w, 2019



The boxes for the return to her home country have been packed for years. They are stacked up around her bed waiting to go. Will she ever know again, if it’s day or night, if she’s awake or asleep, if she’s breaking out or just running into a trap?

Super8-Hd, 10',  b/w, 2018

The objects around and inside an abandoned caravan in the remote countryside of Ireland live their careless lives after their owners time stood still.

Super8-Hd, 3' 45''  b/w, 2019

Quiet, Walnut

Quiet, Walnut accompanies a dear friend through her emotional states during the dying process of her cancer ill mother in Belgrade.


16mm-HD, 8', color/b&w, 2018

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